Mercury in Retrograde

Some days are foggy. They cloud my mind and blur my eyesight. But what do you expect, it’s London…

And it takes very little to levitate and tiptoe on the tops of the scattered clouds again: the voice, the laughter, that cheeky snap.

Life is extremely complicated in its blunt straight-fucking-forwardness. How gently it scratches and bruises you with the caresses and touches of those iron gloves.

And I don’t really know if that’s Mercury in retrograde or the Moon in a tail-spin or the cross-roads at Holles Street have our fates written in advance. But I do know from that millisecond that is called life, that from time to time the material becomes immaterial and vice versa, and that one firm thought creates a whole new reality.

And every time I look up at the night sky those flashing lights wink at me, lighting up the path, one step at a time…forward…

May, 2016


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